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Why Goals are Golden

So what do you want?

Ask yourself the generic interview question, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Do you want more money? Do you want to work less? Do you want to work less AND make more money? Do you want to be happier as an artist? Do you want really rad clients? Do you want destination weddings? What the fuck do you want?!

If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions are you happy with exactly what have you right now? I imagine that most of us would say that our businesses could improve to some degree.

So, focus. Think about what you want and focus your efforts to maximize efficiency. No one can specialize in everything. For most of my life I’ve fallen under a jack of all trades category. I’m moderately good at most things I do. I’ll even beat you the first time we play pool but I’ll lose the second & third.

So, what area of business could you stand to improve that won’t feel like pulling teeth?

I’d love to troubleshoot every possible scenario in this write up but alas this is a wee blog post and not a novel. So, I’ll go over my own goals and issues.

I don’t advertise. I have clients all around the country from formerly living in a high destination wedding market. I don’t want to work in that market as much but my online presence and local referrals are strong. I want to focus more on my new market but I am forced to travel so much for work (and for fun) that I simply do not have time to network in my area as much as I should for a new-comer. So how can I get clients to see me and know that I exist locally in this new market? I don’t want to advertise, remember? Three things I’ve done to get my foot in the door. One, offering a discount for clients referred by certain planners I’ve emailed. Maybe I’ll never get a single referral from these planners for years but at least they know I exist so when I do end up meeting them at a networking event (that I swear someday I will attend) they might remember me. It will open a door later down the line. Secondly, join all the facebook groups and be active. I find this to be very overwhelming at times but it’s easy. I give advice when people ask questions, I post selfies on “#selfiesunday”, & I throw out a few lead referrals when I can.

[Side story] I met a good wedding photographer friend at a random meet up in another city many years ago. They mentioned moving to my city soon and we hit it off. I invited them to every event I attended and flooded any business I could their way. Maybe they used me form the very beginning (I jest) but we’re now legit great friends all from a meet up that was organized through one of my online groups.

Third. Search fucking engine optimization. S(f)EO I believe the kids call it these days. I haven’t pursued it as aggressively as my former market (yet) but I have started and when it’s finished my shit will be all up on every bride’s Pinterest page.

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