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Marketing Rule #1

Never get lazy.

There are no secrets to successful marketing, you can find absolutely anything you want online. There are no shortcuts and no easy tips to magically transform your business. After running my own business full time for 7 years and listening to all the marketing podcasts one can find in the universe the best piece of advice I can give someone is to just do it. Just like Nike. It fucking takes work.

If you’re not getting business, something has to change. If you’re not getting the money you want, something has to change. If you’re not getting the clients you want… You get the drift. Make a change. Sort through any issues you have with your business and figure out which areas could stand to improve. Maybe I am an eternal optimist when I say (write) it CAN, and should, be done. I was always afraid to make changes or move forward. Scared to make any changes. It could mess everything up. That thought is dramatic and unlikely. I was often advised to do things a certain way, whatever the fad was at the time. It made making any changes difficult for me because I was only doing it because everyone else was. For example, in house sales are not my thing for possibly a million reasons. This works for a lot of people and some people even really enjoy it but it’s not for me. Find what works for you.

So my rule(s). Always move forward. Evolve. Take ownership. Troubleshoot. Progress. Never stop. Never get lazy. We own our businesses because we don’t want to work for someone else. This means never relying on anyone else either. So where are you going next?

This leads me to my next post. Goals and why they’re important to have.

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