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Since receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Texas State University, I have been a destination wedding photographer for 11 years. I have been running all aspects of my business from taxes, marketing, website creation, employee management, client correspondence, and photography. I feel fortunate to be able to combine many of my passions into one career, particularly the business management, arts, and travel. I believe in career diversification and enjoy having a wide knowledge base of a little of everything to share with other businesses searching for ways to grow.

Managing social media has recently become an essential  part of every business’s marketing plan and staying relevant over this period of time is a task that requires continuous effort. I keep up to date with trends and the potential of new marketing avenues through education and research. I have been working on my own social media accounts since I started my own small business in 2009. Expansion and growth has been my favorite aspect of running a business. I am excited to work on a social media presence and content creation for a new company to bring it to the next level.