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5 Tips For Better SEO

The hard part about SEO is that it’s hard. Ok, not hard, so much as time consuming. Super time consuming. The good things in life never come easy right? Don’t want to do it? Pay the knot $300+ a month in advertising, they’ll do it. Alas, there are ways to maximize your efforts by making sure they are efficient and well done.

Akismet –

The best SEO plugin tool to help with blog posts. Download it. Use it. NOW.

Know your shit –

Google analytics is a beautiful and FREE tool. Use it. Research your market. Maybe you’ve been keywording for ‘Omaha wedding photographer’ this whole time but everyone is actually searching for ‘bride and groom photography Nebraska’. While google is absolutely smart enough to make a correlation you get extra points for being spot on. This is common. For example. The competition for ‘destination wedding photographer’ is pretty astronomical (as far as competition in the wedding industry is concerned) but very few people actually search that term. If you wanted to hire anyone in the world, you’re going to be searching for the best photographers, not just destination photographers.

Track your own site stats –

Incognito makes this a little more difficult now since you can’t, as easily, find out what people were searching for to get to your site but it is useful to know where people are coming from and which posts are popular. Find a page that worked well for you and figure out why it worked well. Some clients are share happy, Pinterest, facebook, maybe Google loved it.

Consistent keywording –

This one can be tricky because you don’t want to have blog post reading…

Jill & Dan | Boston wedding photographer

Check out this Boston wedding by ME! Boston Wedding photographer say cheese photography! I loved shooting photos at this Boston wedding venue with Boston wedding planner. I am so excited to be a Boston wedding photographer because of all the photography opportunities in Boston. Aren’t Jill & Dan beautiful & great?”

I’ll rephrase. Smart keywording.

This goes back to knowing what exactly yo keyword.

Great content –

Maybe easier said than done? I think not! What do your potential/future clients want to read? What are they looking for? Sometimes I feel like my website can be a bit like an unbiased & non-froofy wedding blog. Brides love(d) wedding blogs so how can you pull your massive wedding resources to their benefit. Ok, so, this one is assuming that you’re photography isn’t so fucking mind blowing that people will just flock to your blog every time you post (ie Chrisman Studios). Let’s face it, that is the 1%. Am I going to break everyone’s heart when I say we’re wedding photographers, we’re transforming a small select group of lives with our work, not the world. So why would people want to look at other people’s wedding photos. Give them a reason to be on your website despite simply looking for a wedding photographer or looking at their friends wedding photos. How you ask? A whole other novel to be written.

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